Smells to Repel Skunks

Skunks are small stinking mammals. They are the most dislikable animals because they give off disgusting smells even at a distance. Moreover, they appear in the cover of night and wreak havoc with your gardens. Skunks being black and white appear cute, but the smell they carry with themselves makes them the most repugnant animals.

Skunks, in some ways, are useful pests. They eat insects and other harmful rodents. However, skunks themselves also cause harm to vegetables and plants. They create a lot of nuisances if not resisted from coming to your gardens. There are certain well-known methods to run skunks away from your garden and lawns. Fortunately, certain smells can do the job for you to ease yourself from trouble creating skunks.

The following smells are used to deter skunks from entering your gardens and lawns.


Skunks can be kept away by the use of homemade remedies. Thus, ammonia, commonly known as mothballs, serve as effective repellents. Skunk happens to be extremely sensitive to smells. Therefore, mothballs can deter skunks. However, ammonia needs to be used repetitively until skunks entirely stop coming to your gardens.

Cayenne pepper

There is another useful homemade solution to chase away skunks. Cayenne pepper should be mixed with water and sprinkled over holes that skunks make. It will quickly cause skunks to vanish soon. It must be kept in mind that when rain falls used this trick again to obtain good outcomes.

Natural Recipe

A recipe made of various natural things would provide a more effective measure to get rid of skunks. You should chop the onion into small pieces and mix them with pepper. Later, boil the mixture into the water for 25 minutes. Once the mixture is boiled, pour it into the bottle and spray over the den of skunks. They cannot bear the smell of onion and pepper. In the long run, skunks would run away from the place.

Lemon and Orange

There is the next smell that would also help you prevent skunks. This time make use of lemon and orange juices. These being slightly acidic and sour in taste urge skunks to go away instantly. If skunks are too adamant about leaving the garden, you need to increase the number of juices and use it thrice a day. In this way, you will accomplish your mission deriving away skunks.

Predator Urine

The most serving solution to deter skunks is the use of predator urine. Dogs and coyotes are the top predators for skunks. Their presence around the garden infuses fear among skunks. Thus, to play a trick upon skunks, you need to make a substance that smells like predator urine. These are available in stores. In this way, skunks will fear to roam freely inside your garden.


Skunks are mammals that look attractive from afar. They are stinking pests that harm your garden and lawn. Skunks also eat insects and prove disadvantageous for your plants and garden. They dig holes and weaken the soil. The smells that can work as effective repellents are discussed in this article. Make wise use of these repellents and have a garden free of skunks.

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