Humane squirrel removal

Squirrel is an animal that exists in trees and has a big soft tail. Squirrels are commonly found in grey or reddish-brown colors with slight sharp ears and nails that allow them to climb speedily. Different kinds of squirrels can be found in various parts of the world. They are from squid family which contains prairie dogs, marmots and chipmunks.

Humane Squirrel Removal

Without complete information about the law, performing inhumane animal removal procedures can be completely unlawful. The humane methodology ensures that animals are left uninjured. So we should adopt remedies which make the humane procedure unique. There are certain effective measures that can be taken in order to remove squirrels from the houses without killing them.

Sound Repellent

Repellent is the best with squirrels because they always want a safe environment. Therefore sounds, such as music from a radio or any other shrill sound may force them to leave the place. This sound repellent is the best technique to remove squirrels from the house.

Unpleasant Odor Technique

Squirrels do not like unpleasant odor. Squirrels immediately leave that places which tend to be smelly. Moreover, we can use stuff soaked in ammonia solution. This strong odor is very nasty for squirrels and this may lead them to leave the place.


Squirrels can be removed humanely if we keep trap on them. We should trap them and transfer them into the far places. Moreover, we can also transfer them into the natural environment. This technique will result in keeping squirrels away from our house.

Roof Treatment

This is another additional way to keep squirrels away is by working on the rooftop. We should avoid brightly colored rooftops because it may appeal squirrels and we should also fill and block all gaps. This may lead them to not enter the house.

Habanero Sauce

This is also a very effective technique that can be used in order to get rid of squirrels. We can scatter this sauce in those areas where we found squirrels.

Essential Oils and Natural Repellents

There are many essential oils that can be made in order to make a repellent spray. We can add a few droplets of peppermint oil in a jug of water. It makes a tremendous repellent spray because squirrels dislike the strong smell. Garlic oil and castor oil can also be used in order to get rid of squirrels.

Motion Activated

Sonic repellents and motion-activated lights can be well employed and used as they are effective, humane and novel ways to combat squirrel removal. Squirrels can be easily alarmed when sirens, lights or sprinklers are activated.


Squirrels are important for ecological systems and play a crucial role in the growth of plant communities. Thus, they should not be killed but rather humane ways should be used to tackle with squirrels. Wildlife experts can be hired because they are professionals and know the right ways of dealing with squirrels while not hurting them and in much safer ways than the traditional ones.

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